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Conventional Pallet Racking Systems

Stow Pallet Racking Systems consist of a full range of modular components and accessories to fulfil all of your pallet storage requirements.

The system is designed for the optimised storage of goods of all sizes and weights. All components have been thoroughly tested in specialised laboratories to determine their structural properties. These are used to calculate the safe load capacity of each component and ensure that they meet the stringent requirements of the FEM code for pallet racking.

1.   The frame

2.   The footplate

3.   The beam

4.   The pallet support

5.   The container support

6.   The frame protector

7.   The upright protector

8.   The corner protector

pallet racking image 001

The Frames

Stow pallet racking frames are available in lengths of up to 15 metres in a painted or galvanised finish. Our wide range of frame types allows the storage system to be designed for heights up to 40 metres and bay loads of up to 45,000kg.

The End Connector

The Stow pallet racking beam connector allows for a boltless beam connection ensuring quick and easy assembly. The beam connector is made of high-quality micro-alloy steel imparting full lateral stability for the pallet storage system. The beam safety pin prevents accidental dislodgement of the beam.

The Corner Protector

The tubular beam section is reinforced at both top and bottom avoiding local damage when loading heavy pallets

The Beams

Several types of beams are available, to suit all possible configurations:

The Box Beam

The beam is composed of two cold-formed C-profiles. It is very resistant to torsion and provides great stiffness in both horizontal and vertical directions, with a load-bearing capacity of up to 4,800kg per beam level.

The Footplate

The Stow baseplate allows the frame to be anchored securely to the concrete slab.

Stow pallet racking baseplates feature double floor fixings to comply with Australian standards AS4084:2012

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Pallet Racking Accessories

Bowen Storage has a wide range of accessories available to ensure you get the most out of your pallet storage system

Safe Working Load Signage

Safe working load signs indicate maximum safe working load limits – a requirement of AS4084:2012.

The Pallet Support

The pallet support is used to support pallets of poor quality or when pallets are placed with the 1200mm side facing the aisle. A pair of galvanised cold-rolled pallet supports can take a load of up to 1200kg.

Mesh Decks

Picking levels can be created using particleboard shelves to enable smaller stock items to be stored within easy reach.

The Container Support

The container support is equipped with side guidance and optionally with an integrated back-stop. It is the recommended storage solution for storing stillages and pallet containers.

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Pallet Racking Safety

Protection of the racking against collision from a forklift truck is important. Safety accessories designed to safeguard your pallet racking system and equipment from accidental damage are available in a range of styles and finished in recognised safety colours. Racking protection products help maintain the structural integrity of your pallet racking and the safety of your staff.

The Corner Protector

The corners of the racking are vulnerable to damage caused by collisions. The corner protectors are anchored on both sides of the upright to protect the rack from accidental knocks.

The Upright Protector

The upright protector wraps around the front upright reducing the damage caused by impact loads. Ideally suited for high volume and fast-moving products.

The Frame Protector

Constant forklift traffic around the end- frames or the frames at the cross aisles often causes damage to the racking. Frame end guards are available to maintain the structural integrity of your pallet racking.

The Bracing

Adding bracing in the down-aisle direction of the racking will increase the load capacity of the frames. Bracing can be installed as vertical spine bracing or horizontal plan bracing to further strengthen the pallet racking structure.

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